Born in 1970, Güines, La Habana, Cuba.

Pablo Perea grew up in Güines, Cuba, just outside of Havana.

Starting out with a career in medicine, he worked for several years as a general practitioner before turning solely to art in 1996.

At 35, Perea is now a Chicago resident who has a thriving artistic career. Among his recent accomplishments is a 10’ x 15’ mural that served as the backdrop for the Apple Tree Theatre production of Cuban playwright Nilo Cruz’s “Two Sisters and a Piano,” for which Pablo was nominated for a Jeff Award for Special Achievement in Theatre.

Education Graduated

1995 from University of Havana with a degree in Medical Sciences. Pablo Perea is a self-taught artist.


Press and Media

“Pablo Perea Returns to Newburgh” by Jerry Nobeski The Valley Table Magazine, Summer 2006. Includes cover image.

“The Cuban Mystique” by Mary Houlihan. The Chicago Sun Times, February 26, 2006.

“Far from family, prolific Perea paints ‘Far from Them’” by Misha Davenport. TheChicago Sun Times, March 25, 2005.

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Personal Exhibitions

1995 “Dones del abismo”Galeria de Arte de Guines,La Habana Cuba.

1996 “Un temblor que perdió la mirada”.Galeria de Arte de Guines,La Habana.Cuba.

1997 “Memorias en tres tiempos”.Galeria Luis de Soto,Facultad de Artes y Letras,Universidad de la Habana,C.Habana,Cuba. “La Serie Blanca”.Galeria Fernando Boada,Cotorro,C.Habana,Cuba. “Imágenes”.Sede la Revista Bohemia,C Habana,Cuba.

1998 “Luz de Agua”.Galeria Mariano Rodríguez,Villa Panamericana,C.Habana,Cuba. “Muestra de Dibujos”.Centro Nacional Poligráfico,C.Habana,Cuba “Floreras y Recolectoras”.Galeria Galiano,C.Habana,Cuba.

2000 ”Mujeres Contemplación del Sendero”.Palacio de los Capitanes Generales,Sala Transitoria,C.Habana,Cuba. “Muestra de pintura contemporánea”.Havana Gallery,Chicago,USA.

2001 “Muestra de retratos”.Havana Gallery,Chicago,USA. “Expo personal”.Oficina Cubana de Intereses en USA,Washington DC.USA. “Arte de Cuba” Port of Call Gallery,Warwick,New York,USA. “Muestra de pintura” Brickell Village Gallery,Florida,USA. Cultural Exchange and Education Program “Children helping Children”. Newburgh, N.Y, USA.

2002 “FACES” Havana Gallery, Chicago, USA. “Rostros” Galeria Giraldilla, Havana, Cuba. “Presentando Pablo Perea” Domingo Padrón Gallery, Miami, USA. “The Most Important Part of Life” Havana Gallery, Chicago, USA.

2003 “Mujeres” Hotel Habana Libre, Havana, Cuba. “…por respuestas” Havana Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA

2004 “Coincidencias” Havana Gallery, Chicago, IL USA. Mural for ”Two Sisters and a Piano” a play by Nilo Cruz, Directed by HenryGodinez. Apple Tree Theatre, Highland Park, IL, USA. *Pablo’s work earned him a Jeff Award nomination for Special Achievement in Chicago theater.

2005 “Far from them.” Havana Gallery, Chicago. “Recent Works” Oesterle Library Gallery, Naperville, IL USA. “Art for Cuba” Firehouse Gallery, Burlington, VT.Exhibition to raise money to send medical supplies to Cuba. “Extrañando la Habana” Victory Gardens Theater, Chicago.

2006 “Perea vs. Perea” Havana Gallery, Chicago, IL. “Secret Ingredients” Port of Call Gallery, Warwick, NY. “The Valley Table” Yellow Bird Gallery, Newburgh, NY.

Collective Exhibitions

1992 – 1996 Galeria de Arte de Guines,La Habana,Cuba.

1994 Salón Arístides Fernández,La Habana,Cuba.

1995 Salón Eduardo Abela,San Antonio de los Banos,La Habana,Cuba.

1995 – 1996 Salón Arístides Fernández,La Habana,Cuba.

1997 “Entre pinturas”.Casa del Africa,C.Habana,Cuba. “Luz y Oficio”.Galeria Fernando Boada,C.Habana,Cuba. “Muestra de pintura contemporanea”.San Juan de Puerto Rico.P.Rico.

1998 “Expo virtual”Arte por el bien del arte”.New Orleans,USA. “Exposition d’ artistes peintres cubains”.Galerie d’Art Christian Mas,Guadalupe.

1999 “Mujeres Cubanas”. Havana Gallery, Chicago, USA. “Arte Cubano”, Hotel Saint George, Guadalupe. “Yesterday”. Galeria galiano, Ciudad Habana, Cuba.

2000 “Cuban Portraits” Galerie Zur Hofstatt, Switzerland. “Cuba Meets Berne” Galerie Rigassi, Berne, Switzerland “Con aroma de mujer”. Galeria Teodoro Rámos, Cerro, Havana, Cuba. “3”.Galeria Luis de Soto, Facultad de Artes y Letras, Universidad de la Habana, C.Habana, Cuba.

2001 Semana de la cultura cubana en Centro Habana, Galeria Galiano, Havana, Cuba. “Emerging Artists from Cuba” Havana Gallery, Chicago, Il, USA. “1st Annual Hispanic Art Fair” LaSalle Bank, Chicago, USA. “Del silencio y otras voces”. Centro Cultural Ateneo-Cervantes, C.Habana, Cuba. “Painters from Cuba”. Iliana Mulet y Pablo Perea, Havana Gallery, Chicago, USA.

2002 “Fine Art from Cuba” HotHouse Art Gallery, Chicago, USA. “Gallery of wishes under the stars” Auction to benefit the Fairygodmother Foundation. “2nd Annual Hispanic Art Fair” LaSalle Bank, Chicago, USA

2003 “Webster Gallery District Sampler” Urban Studio, Chicago, USA. “Looted Iraqi Art Auction” Benefit for The Oriental Institute of Chicago, Gallery Mornea, Evanston, IL,USA. Mural project in association with Gallery 37 and Chicago Public Art Group, Chicago. “Four Cuban Artists” Gaudeloupe, West Indies.

2004 Off the Beaten Way Gallery, New Orleans, LA, USA. “Common Ground” Paintings by Pablo Perea & Allison Hill, Hallar Gallery, Kansas City, MO, USA

2005 “Pieces of Us,” Paintings by Allison Hill & Pablo Perea. Beviamo, Chicago, ILUSA. “Staged” Works by Pablo Perea, Allison Hill, and Robert Doran. Aguijon Theater, Chicago, IL. “The Woman of Vitrubia” painted live with Allison Hill & Robert Doran at GenArt’s 2nd annual IGNITE! party in Chicago.

2007 “When Pablo Met Allison,” EOS Gallery, Athens, Greece